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December 17, 2007
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Cellphone by RottenDeadpan Cellphone by RottenDeadpan
What, can't I post a picture of my cellphone without people going "HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS?!"
I see what you're doing there, staring at me with squinted eyes >A> I see you too. :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:

My cellphone is in there somewhere, up at the top, next to the furry green thing that is really soft, under Tsubasa charms.
Yes, I like charms :U
I have reasons for them all, too. Want me to tell you? Sure you do C:

Lets start at the green furry thing and go around to the right C:

GREEN FURRY THING - I really, REALLY like the color green :U plus, in real life, it's kinda Zoro haircolor green.... >w>

Tsubasa Charmheads+Key - from the movie, and at the time when I bought this, I was really into the anime. Oh man, I was really stupid at that time XD

Kurogane and Fay square charms - they're phone cleaners D8 That's why I have them

Kitty with a crown - old story-joke that Asakura-Hikaru liked. Zoro gives Sanji a kitty phone thing, or something... and she really liked that story XD; and I'm her Sanji >w> And it has a crown 8D Prince = Crown. Prince Sanji

Naraki<3Kyou name thing - Oh plz. Like i have to explain this one XD

HELLBROTHERS (Yagu, Kage, Tsuru)+Zector - I love these boys to death ;w; Kamen Rider Kabuto all the way, yo. Yaguruma was originally made 'cause Aniki said something... so then I had to make the others. They don't look that... grossly painted in real life XD; I swear

WebKinz charm - I work at Hallmark :U don't question me

Cafe Kichijouji cat heads - I really like this manga ;w; I have a coinpurse to match the phonecharm that I use all the time XD

Tseng, Elena, Rude+bell charms - I was gunna make a Reno to match the set, but his hair proved deadly :C Rude was the first one I made, 'cause dear god I love that man XD; so that's why he's the only one with a bell :U In fact, Rude was the first ever charm I had made XD; so he started off this whole Homemade Charm thing

Ryuuk and Raito+apples - 'cause Akon didn't have an L or Near :C ilu Death Note, srsly

Syaoran and Sakura+circles - Tsubasa kick, lol. I was also very amused that Syao is on the pink string, and Sakura on the gold XD

Tezuka+tennis bag - YUUDAN SEZO IIKYOU. >:U Buchou = Love.

Sanji + JollyRoger sign - He is actually the first phonecharm I EVER had, bought him before I even knew what a phonecharm WAS XD; Which is why he's so beat up ;w;

Kurogane Keychain - HE CAN BE A PHONECHARM TOO. Don't give me that look >A> Found him at suncoast next to some Mokona keychains, and bought him without a second thought XD I want the Fay to go with him ;w;

Misa + Death note - got it like, today XD. It was a randomfigure thing from the Death Note movie I couldn't resist to buy online ;w; I was hoping for L's laptop, but this is awesome too xDD

Fake Marimo + marimo plush - MARIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO /shot. Really, I bought this JUST to say I have a little Marimo on my phone. ZORO. I C U

OBJECTION! - it's a phone cleaner D: or a DS cleaner XD I got it for reserving PW2. Got this finger stylis too >w>;; but didn't wanna put that on the phone too XDD It might have broken uwu

Shh. I like charms :C
I'm hoping to make some Beast Wars ones, like the Megatron Set I made for Asakura-Hikaru. I gotta rob her phone to take some pictures of those one of these days XDD

I also have a keychain obsession.. but that's a different story and another post some other day uwu

EVERY CHARACTER THING ON MY PHONE is (C) their original owners. That's too much shit to type down :C
MOST OF THESE CHARMS can be bought online. Check Ebay or Strapya XD
If you want a custom made phonecharm, I suggest somewhere else XD I'm really bad at making these, it's not worth your money
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blackwolf956 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i like the furry white thing next to the phone
ChloeyLovesLlamas Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
You've deffinetly inspired me to do more. XD
ChloeyLovesLlamas Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
And awwh. I used to have the same phone... I miss it...

Lol. This is what I hope to do to my DS charms.
Blaze52 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
AyamexXxUchiha Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Making a call with all those charms on must be difficult. o_o; And I'm sure all those charms are heavier than the phone is. ^^; Positive thing is, your phone just kicks arse. :3
ookamimomo Featured By Owner May 20, 2010   Writer
this is illegal right?
RottenDeadpan Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
koreanbarbie Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010
WOWWWWWW...i want to have the same charms... how'd you get them all together? :iconthinkplz:
HotaruKenobi Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010  Student General Artist
I envy you for having that many phone charms!
shes-not-who-i-seem Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2009
Omg. I am so happy!
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